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anything tending to de■prive the king or his heirs of any o●f their titles, or should ca●ll him heretic, schismatic, usurp■er, &c., should be guilty of high■ treason.'[98] =THE KING, NOT HEAD O■F THE CHURCH.= Thus Henry VIII. unite●d the two swords in his hand.—'A ●Mohammedan union,' says a moder■n historian.[99] This writer mi●ght have contented himself with

calling■ it 'a papal union.' Whether a pope cl■aims to be king, or a king claims to be pop■e, it comes to nearly the sa■me thing. At the time when the Reformation was■ emancipating the long-enslaved ■Church, a new master was given i■t, and what a master! The consciences of■ Christians

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revolted against this order o●f things. One day—it was some time later—Cr■anmer was asked: 'Who is the supreme head of ●the Church of England?'—'Christ,' wa●s the reply, 'as He is of the universal ●Church.'—'But did you not recog■nize the king as supreme head of the Church?'■—'We recognized him as head of all the pe■ople of England,' answered Cranmer, ●'of chu

rchmen as well as of lay■men.'[100]— 'What! not of the Chu●rch?' 'No! Supreme head of the■ Church never had any other mean■ing than what I tell you.' This is explicit.● If the title given Henry only si■gnified that he was king of t●he clergy as well as of the laity, and that the ■form

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er were under the jurisd●iction of the royal courts as wel●l as the latter, in all matters of common l■aw, there can be nothing fairer. But● how was it that Cranmer did not find as● much courage in Henry's lifetime to speak ●according to his conscience, as ●when examined in 1555 by Brokes, the papa■l sub-delegate? An {51} interpreta●tive document drawn up by the

g●overnment at almost the same time as th■e act of parliament, corroborates however the e●xplanation made by Cranmer; it■ said: 'The title of supreme he●ad of the Church gives the ki●ng no new authority: it does not signify that ■he can assume any spiritual power.'[101] T●his document

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